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M25 team
M25 team
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M25 is an early-stage venture firm based in Chicago, investing solely in tech startups headquartered in the Midwest. Since we launched in 2015, we've become the most active investor in our region. We invest broadly, and our unique, analytical approach to venture investing aims to reduce the risk, while maintaining the high returns typically associated with this stage of investing. We emphasize our expansive networks, and thrive on collaboration - helping to syndicate deals, encouraging fair terms as a best practice, and prioritizing relationships. And along the journey, we hope to share a few laughs, whether its over beers or board games.

M25’s name comes from Jesus’ Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. For us, this parable is a Biblical example of wise entrepreneurship as well as a charge to properly steward all that God has given. At M25, this notion is core in our investment philosophy – both as we invest our own capital into the entrepreneurs that inspire us daily and as we responsibly manage capital entrusted to us.

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Where We Invest

As much as we love San Francisco, we will only consider investing in Midwest-headquartered companies for a variety of strategic and practical reasons. Want to learn more why we are so bullish on this region? Check out our blog series here.
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When We Invest

M25 invests in the “Pre-Seed and Seed stage.” Everyone has a different definition of “Seed Stage,” so this is how we define it:
M25 definition of Seed Stage.

What We Look At

After the initial meeting, we put companies through our rigorous scorecard analysis. We score the following variables as objectively as possible. While they are all important, some are more important than others.
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More on our Due Diligence process



FOUNDERS: Please fill out the widget form (popup on the corner of the website). Include as much detail as possible on your company, business plan, funding round ask, and other relevant information. Keep in mind, we do require there to be some form of market traction, as we do not invest in ideas or prototypes. We usually get back to you within 48 hours.

INVESTORS: We only work with accredited investors that know one of our team members. Please reach out to one of them if you are interested in hearing more about our investment strategy/philosophy, portfolio companies, or future funds.